So she doesn't agree with the market paying less for distressed debt, because it would make it harder for a country to repay it. I guess under INCRA we should all agree to pay less for debt to make it easy for such a country. What a brilliant idea. Will she put her money where her mouth is? I don't think so. » 3/03/14 10:55am 3/03/14 10:55am

I've been using plastic pipe hangers/clamps for my desk for ages now and it works pretty well.
Their advantage is you can open 1 out of say 3-4 which makes taking just 1 cable out an easy task as the rest of the cables still hang on those other hangers. They are super cheap too and you can space them how you need them. » 1/20/14 9:56am 1/20/14 9:56am